What are the common problems in the use of Twisting Machinery Product and how to better use Twisting Machinery Product as a glass fiber Twisting Machinery Product. For common problems, let Xiaobian take everyone to learn together!

1. We know that the stability of the drawing speed is a very critical influencing factor for the quality of drawing. When Twisting Machine on work, I am afraid that the situation we do not want to see is the unstable rotation speed, fast and slow, which causes interruption and irregular changes.

This happens, which is generally caused by two reasons. In fact, the problem of any components of any components of Twisting Machinery Product will affect the drawing effect. If the copper wire trembles on the annealing wheel, this will occur, because the copper wire is tightened when the time is loose, so the surface of the copper wire cannot be consistent.

2. In addition, there is another reason. Because under the premise of long -term operation, the wear of the device is inevitable, if the gearbox of the main motor box of the main motor of the Twisting Machinery Form a single silk pull.

3. There is another case. If the twisting machnery product changes in the tension in the operation, it will be high and low, and this phenomenon will also occur. This is because the tension on the storage wheel is unstable. If the roots are chased, the air pressure of the Twisting Machinery Product gas pump is unstable.

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