Polyurethane covered rock wool sandwich panels are able to resist fires in a number of ways. They are manufactured using closed cell expanded polyurethane foam, and are often coated with a flame retardant. In addition, they are also available in different colors and textures.

ThermalSafe Non-Exposed Fastener


The new ThermalSafe Non-Exposed-Fastener  mineral wool panel is the latest advancement in fire resistant wall construction technology. It offers superior performance and flexibility, while maintaining a flush appearance and offering the same benefits of conventional fire resistant panels. Its lockguard interlocking side joint eliminates the need for labor-intensive spline insertion and makes installation simple and convenient.


ThermalSafe Non-Exposed-Fastener  for fire resistant rock-wool sandwich panels is available in three different profiles. It is a perfect solution for barrier walls and other high-risk building applications. It is designed and manufactured by veteran contractors and combines superior fire resistance and durability with a low installation cost.

ThermalSafe Mineral Wool


The most recent advancement in fire resistant wall construction technology is the ThermalSafe Mineral Wool Panel. Combining advanced panel design with Metl-Span's manufacturing expertise, the ThermalSafe panel offers superior structural characteristics and span capabilities. The panel's non-combustible core is securely attached to the supporting structure, eliminating the need for multiple layers of gypsum wallboard.

 Fireproof rock wool

ThermalSafe panels offer excellent fire resistance without compromising thermal performance. With lockguard technology, they are easy to install and provide superior protection. They also hold their fire resistance ratings, which is extremely important in a fire emergency. They are also available in a wide variety of colors and are customizable to fit any building.


The Maukatherm T iQ+ fire resistant rock wool sandwich panels combine a modern and elegant stand-seam roof with superior fire resistance. These panels are built with an iQ+ system for superior performance and are prepainted to match any building's design.


The Fireproof Rock Wool Sandwich Panel combines two sheets of galvanized steel with a breathable rock wool core. This combination allows for maximum fire resistance while also being easy to install. In addition to being easy to install, the panels also feature an overlap system that prevents leakage and humidity from getting inside. This is important because humidity and leaks can damage the insulating core of Sandwich Panels. The self-drilling screws and special washers with a neoprene gasket improve waterproofing of the panels.

Metl-Span's ThermalSafe Non-Exposed Fastener


Metl-Span's ThermalSafe panels are manufactured from non-combustible mineral wool boards that are factory engineered for high compressive strength and fire resistance. They meet UL and Intertek fire approval requirements and provide one, two or three hours of fire resistance. ThermalSafe panels also feature LockGuard interlocking side joints. These fire resistant panels offer superior thermal performance and are environmentally friendly.


ThermalSafe Non-Exposed Fastener for fire resistant rock wool sandwich panels is a non-permeable metal fastener that is invisible to the naked eye. Its high fire resistance enables it to meet the stringent requirements of today's building codes.

ThermalSafe Non-flammable Polyurethane


The advantages of ThermalSafe Non-flammable polyurethane rock wool sandwich panels are the material's superior fire resistance, structural integrity, and durability. These panels have a non-combustible mineral wool core and are designed with an exclusive double tongue and groove interlocking joint system. These panels also have superior span capability and compressive strength.


ThermalSafe Non-flammable polyurethane rock wool sandwich panels are fire-retardant and non-combustible. They have a fire resistance of up to 120 minutes and Euroclas B S1 D0 classification. Using these panels is a great way to protect your building and your home from fires. Plus, ThermalSafe sandwich panels are less expensive per square meter than other insulation products.


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