Steam accounts that do not have any security issues are easy to lose. The background and cards on the account will disappear. Players can set security issues when logging in to the account to ensure their account security. After doing this, every time you log in to steam, you need to verify it. There are two ways to log in by phone and email. Generally, you use email to verify, but if you turn on the mobile token, you can use the mobile token to verify Signed in.

 The steps for mobile token login are also very simple, which is also a measure to ensure the security of player user accounts. The following introduction will use the computer to log in to the steam account. The steam game platform involves many games, including various types, and the game is also challenging. Buy Steam Level Up can help players collect cards and synthesize one to complete the game. First, log in to Steam on your computer. After you log in successfully, find the security settings for managing steam token accounts in the settings interface.

Enter the management steam token interface, tick to obtain the token authentication code from the steam application in my phone, the page will pop up the mobile steam installation prompt, first click Finish. Jump to the page, find the contact information module, click Add mobile number, bind your mobile number, and finally click Finish. 

Install Steam on your phone, open steam, and click the three horizontal icons in the upper left corner of the page. Pop up the page options, find the Steam token button and click on it. A prompt will appear on the page. Follow the prompts and click Add validator. After most player accounts have Steam Level Up purchased, players should protect their account security to avoid theft of information accounts. A digital code will pop up on the page. Remember to remember this digital code. Click Done at the bottom of the page to complete the setting of the mobile token. After the setting is completed, the page will automatically jump to and pop up the steam mobile phone token code. This token code is the verification code for verifying the login so that you can log in safely after operating the settings.