It's understandable it was the Rams did not change their mind. Media coverage is expected to be extensive at St. Louis to cover the first openly gay player in Madden NFL 23 even without the attention from Oprah's camera. Seventh-round draft picks are common injury-related injuries Mut 23 coins, therefore it could the best in Sam's interests to spend as much of his energy as possible on being on the Rams' 53-man roster.

But, it's an extremely rare situation, and with that comes the rare chance to peek into the mind of a gay person trying to build a career within a hugely popular sporting league that has an occasional male machismo issue.

The Rams are yet to issue an announcement regarding the documentary, even though they've been informed of it (albeit in the aftermath of when Sam was signed) and are currently working with the producers. The decision is up to the team or Sam is concerned, the documentary will be intriguing for fans.

"I'm just being honest with every team and informing them of how the events transpired and that I'm making sure to put all of the bad things behind me as I move on to the next level," Henderson said. "I want to be a starter and play in"the Madden NFL 23."

"I'm showing my personality. It shows them that I'm responsible as well as reliable. I'd like to continue to let them know that the negative things have passed me by cheap madden 23 coins."