Inviting villagers to islands is just about the many joys of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. With so many villagers available, players there are ample choices for who they may invite to return live with them for their adorable Animal Crossing island. However, some villagers tend to be more popular than the others, and locating that unique friend to get join the player's island community is usually frustrating, particularly when players are searching for the elusive grey cat villager Raymond.

Raymond is a cat with an attitude. Players can usually Buy Animal Crossing Bells to communicate with him further. He has a smug personality, shaking thick black plastic glasses, a gray suit vest, and a set of two shocking green and brown eyes. Raymond's birthday is October 1, so they are Libra. This serious commercial cat has attracted many fans, hoping that things about his private island house will attract him.

While a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers ought to leave a player's island being replaced by popular picks, Raymond doesn't always have that struggle. The highly coveted cat is easily the most popular villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with fans out searching mystery islands to discover him and provide him home. Once players have located him and secured him for their island, players may want to store him for a long time ahead, enjoying his participation in island events.

Raymond doesn't apparently understand the incredible importance of a work-life balance, as players will discover his Animal Crossing home design is undoubtedly an actual office. With a watercooler inside the corner plus a whiteboard covered in graphs behind his desk, it truly is unclear in the event the cute cat villager even sleeps, however, the coffee cup on his desk might be the answer for players wondering where he keeps his bed. The wallpaper of his house even seems like closed blinds, only aiding in the very busy, analytical personality.