Sometimes even the most minor problems with the performance, stability, and availability of a website can cause big problems, and in any case they will become a headache for the webmaster. And if the problems persist, there is a huge risk of having them developing into lower back pain. The audience will leave the website, which will necessarily lead to a loss of traffic, which means a loss of money and the website's reputation.

availability of a website

Thus, keeping a website accessible and stable is not an easy task, especially when it comes to large websites or online stores. But every webmaster, even a beginner, knows that the reactivity in case of problems, as well as the speed of their elimination, directly depends on the tools used to get the job done. So, every webmaster must choose the right toolkit, and the software and scripts familiar to many webmasters are not enough today. However, the ideal solution is to use fully automated toolboxes. And one of the best among such tools is the HostTracker website monitoring service that is available for everyone.

HostTracker website monitoring service that is available for everyone

Of course, HostTracker is not free, but after signing up, you will get a free trial subscription for a month, so you can try it yourself for 30 days with everything available without any restrictions. And this will be more than enough for the webmaster to test everything and realize that it is worth it.

If you read some of the HostTracker reviews, you will understand that it is an automated set of tools for website maintenance that is ideal for both beginners and professionals. It will meet all the needs of a webmaster, and all the necessary tools will be in one place and always at hand. With its powerful capabilities, you will be able to check every aspect of a website's availability - from availability via various Internet protocols and SSL or domain validity to download speed and even server hardware stability.

In addition, it has a wide monitoring network with over 140 access points, which is useful for monitoring online stores or websites that are available to a wide audience around the world. This will allow the webmaster to ensure availability in different regions. And this is not the only life-saving option available.

All the tools will work automatically, and the built-in fully customizable instant alert system will immediately send you a notification if something is wrong with the website you are responsible for. This system will tell you the reason for the stability or availability problems on the website by sending you messages using one of the available platforms - from the old Skype to the modern Telegram, corporate Slack, or even the classic SMS messaging.