World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic's Dark Portal Pass provides services to players for the first time in the game. Players can use passes to save time, but some players feel that such an improvement may not be worthwhile. Instead of spending money on The Dark Portal Pass, buy Classic TBC Gold For Sale is more effective.

On a once-per-account basis, WoW players have the option of boosting one character to level 58 for $40. That boosted character can come equipped with green-quality gear, a bit of gold, an elementary mount, and also the riding skill to ride it, four 12-slot bags, weapon skills leveled as much as their appropriate max rank for level 58, and certain flight paths for getting around the world easier. The boost can not be used Burning Crusade's new Blood Elf or Draenei characters.

What players are truly paying for could be the ability to skip lots of hours of leveling. While players certainly level quicker inside the Burning Crusade pre-patch because of experience point requirements being overall reduced and quests rewarding more experience, it might still take players dozens, and even hundreds, of hours to obtain a new character to max level. Unfortunately, while Blizzard gave the impression to indicate the Dark Portal Pass was created to give players who didn't play WoW Classic a chance to obtain ready for Burning Crusade Classic, veteran players with money to lose are also benefiting from the level boost.

No doubt WOW Classic TBC Gold reselling services are going to be having a heyday using the character boost, too. For a small fee, these farmers can save a large number of hours and jump instantly to the max level, in which the most lucrative end-game resources become available. While the Dark Portal Pass is with a one-boost-per-account basis, no one is able this will stop gold resellers from abusing it, and Blizzard already struggles to ban these accounts. Restricting the boost to at least one per account will by no means prevent gold resellers from getting a whole lot easier access to their farming activities, flooding the industry with more gold, and doing more harm to WoW Classic's in-game economy.

It's a posh problem. In theory, allowing new players to level up quickly is a useful one. However, the ramifications of earning the boost available for all players arrive with costs that could likely be felt in long run. With more boosted professionals for gold making and even more bots using the service for gold-selling purposes, it's difficult to tell exactly what the effect for the game's economy will probably be over the course of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic.

But Blizzard provides paid services in the game, which means that they also hope to profit through this approach. This will stimulate more people to enter the game and expand the game market. And the loyal fans of World of Warcraft are a group of people with financial ability, their time may be very important, those paid services are worth it.