Nozzle check valve

Nozzle check valve, also known as silent check valve, is a special check valve. Used to provide fast response to fluid backflow. Therefore, if in a power plant, there is a high risk of backflow, this valve is required. The nozzle check valve is also designed to minimize media-induced water hammer and vibration. The nozzle check valve can also respond quickly to closing.

Always consider the velocity of the flowing medium when selecting a nozzle check valve. Because, while closing the valve does not require a quick shutoff, if the medium flow rate is significantly reduced, the valve will close immediately. This action is essential to reduce water hammer. The main advantage of nozzle check valves is that they can be customized to the requirements of the power plant. Regardless of the size of the pipe, it can be customized with dimensions and other parameters to suit the application.

Axial nozzle check valve

axial nozzle check valve

The axial nozzle check valve is the solution to prevent backflow or shock to critical process equipment. Typically used for rotating equipment and systems with low pressure loss, stable operation and smooth dynamic behavior.

Typically, it's not obvious that the selected check valve is hit hard and produces high pressure spikes that damage surrounding equipment only when the plant is running,

The inherent non-shock nature of this axial nozzle check valve is achieved because the valve responds very quickly to changes in flow, ensuring no backflow or shock occurs within the piping system.

Axial nozzle check valve material: carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, alloy steel, nickel alloy

Features and benefits of axial nozzle check valve: Due to the streamlined flow passage, the pressure drop and turbulence are low and the metal-to-metal seal closes tightly. Very long service life due to its inherent non-satisfying characteristics, with smooth operating behavior, very stable during operation

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