Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) is a non-invasive, purely physical therapy that can be used both as a symptomatic treatment and as a rehabilitation tool for hundreds of conditions. In recent years, it has become a "magic bullet" for some young people to reduce stress and relax.

Oxygen therapy includes both normobaric oxygen therapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. There are basically three differences between oxygen therapy under atmospheric pressure and oxygen therapy under high pressure.

1. The required pressure equipment is different: oxygen under atmospheric pressure, the patient in an atmospheric pressure conditions, using nasal catheter, wearing a mask, oxygen tent or artificial respirator and other methods of oxygen; while oxygen under high pressure, the patient in a special high-pressure oxygen chamber, in more than an atmospheric pressure environment to suck pure oxygen.

2. The concentration of oxygen inhalation is different: oxygen concentration under normal pressure is generally between 25-55%, while oxygen concentration under hyperbaric oxygen is 85-99%.

3. The therapeutic effect is very different: high pressure oxygen can make the blood oxygen content increase several times or even dozens of times compared with oxygen under normal pressure.

Hyperbaric oxygen can also increase the physical dissolved oxygen content in the blood significantly. Experiments have shown that for every 1 atm increase in the hyperbaric chamber, the amount of physically dissolved oxygen increases by 14 to 17 times compared to oxygen absorbed under normal pressure. The famous paper "Life without blood" published by Dutch scholar Boerema confirms that animals with almost no blood cells can still survive under hyperbaric oxygen, but under atmospheric pressure, even if pure oxygen is inhaled, animals with red blood cells removed will soon die of hypoxia. The oxygen reserve in the organism also increases under hyperbaric oxygen, and brain death can occur without cardiac arrest for 17 to 26 minutes when oxygen is inhaled at 3 atmospheres, but brain death can occur after 4 to 6 minutes of cardiac arrest when air is inhaled at atmospheric pressure. The other direct effects of external hyperbaric oxygen are: to improve the oxygen dispersion and the effective distance of oxygen dispersion in tissues; to inhibit bacteria; to compress and dissolve air bubbles; and to regulate the systemic system, which cannot be achieved by normobaric oxygen.

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