Pokemon Sword and Shield have been released on Nintendo Switch for nearly two years, but there are still some features that many players cannot find. If you can't catch Shiny Pokemon in the game, you can buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon from pkmbuy.com. For example, what happens when you click the left joystick on Joy-Con to check the summary of any given Pokemon? do you know? It will produce an animation. This is just a small feature, but many players do not know this clue.

Currently, on the Pokemon Sword and Shield Reddit page, there is a popular post in which users mentioned this feature, and a video is attached to show the animation of Obstagoon. The animation content includes jumping to the player in a 3D-like manner, but they are completely unaware of the existence of this feature, so they are caught off guard when this happens.

According to some comments on the post, many users (considering that they are still playing the game and using the game's Reddit page, they probably belong to the core group of the game) indicate that after playing for a few hours, they still don't know if the feature exists. At the same time, some players also revealed that they felt very scared when they first encountered this situation.

Moreover, the Pokemon community is not the only place where this feature can be used. The news about the expansion of Import of Armor was discovered this week, which shocked many players. More and more players choose to Buy Shiny Pokemon to save time playing games. This happens in every Pokemon game. A few years after the game's release, players have discovered many weird and functional features that have no clue about. Unfortunately, given that this year's Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl versions are just reprints of two pre-existing games, this situation may not happen.