Do you feel like you'll be able to keep up the pace of this very extensive content?

So far. [laughs]

Yes, so far. [laugs] Our team has developed steadily throughout the years And it's also a matter of just being smart buy WoTLK Gold. We've learned how to make WoW over the course of more than 12 years. Some worked on WoW here for around 15 ou 16 or more years. We've gotten more adept at working on patches simultaneously and of combining large patches with small patches. However, 7.1.5 took not so long to develop to expand or larger patch. So, in the end, it's been able to be extended without excessive rigor on our part.

We know and remember well the narrative or the sentiment from Warlords where players enjoyed themselves when they first started, but afterward, there were the issues we encountered, the ones you mentioned, about droughts. It was a big target for us prior to Legion; we can only be aware of the progress up to now in the beginning, but so far it's been a feeling that 7.1 came at a time which players were very content with it. 7.1.5 was released at a time when players were very happy with it. Even with those updates having been released, we have the raid zone Nighthold due out, I believe, not feeling like it's far too late. It's coming at a appropriate time for players, despite all the other stuff that were being developed and released in the interim.

With these patches coming out, have they helped players remain more active? During an expansion, there's an upsurge of players buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. This appears to be a gradual tapering off. Do regular content have helped stifle the effect?