Embroidery thread

The difference between embroidery and printing is also reflected in the line, the line will change the effect of computer embroidery. To produce different styles, it is very important to choose thread and edge. Let's briefly introduce the effect of these embroidery threads. Rayon, the properties are similar to polyester thread, the advantage of polyester thread is that it can have more color choices. However, rayon is relatively stable compared to polyester thread, with low hot spots and easy to catch fire, and it is not suitable for frequent cleaning.

Polyester Thread


Wool thread

The wool thread is thicker than the general embroidery thread. It is generally used in towel embroidery and rope embroidery. It is especially beautiful when matched with knitted fabrics. The soft embroidery effect is the special beauty of this handmade art. Because it is thick, use a thick needle, but also consider whether the needle thread can match the fabric. In addition, the tension of the thread should be relatively loose to ensure that the embroidery thread moves in enough space.

Polyester thread

Polyester thread, because of its characteristics, it can resist the baptism of chemical substances and reduce the fading and discoloration of clothes. Clothes that need to be washed frequently, such as hotel uniforms, sportswear and denim clothing, are mostly made of polyester thread to reduce the discoloration of the clothes. polyester thread is now tougher than rayon. When doing embroidery, polyester thread can withstand such a large pulling force even with a high-speed machine. This technology is often seen on shoe pieces, hat pieces and handbags. There is also a reason for high fire resistance, even if the clothes are close to The flame is not easy to catch fire. polyester thread has the characteristics of high elasticity. You will find that after the rayon is pulled hard, and then relaxed, you will find that the rayon will not shrink very much. On the contrary, after the polyester yarn is pulled and relaxed, it will return to its original length, but it may cause wrinkles. Therefore, in terms of tension adjustment, it needs to be more accurate.

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