Elastic band: also known as elastic thread, elastic thread, which can be used as the bottom line of clothing accessories. The elastic belt is divided into woven elastic belt, knitted elastic belt and woven elastic belt according to different weaving methods.

Woven elastic belt is made of cotton or chemical fiber as warp and weft yarn, and a group of rubber yarns (latex yarn or spandex yarn) are interwoven according to certain rules.

The knitted elastic is woven by warp knitting and weft insertion. Under the action of hook needle or latch needle, the warp threads are tucked into braided chains, the weft threads are lined in each braided chain, and the scattered braided chains are connected into belts. Clamp.

Knitted elastic belt can weave various small patterns, color strips and crescent edges, the texture is loose and soft, and most of the raw materials are nylon elastic yarn.

Braided elastic belt is also called ingot-woven elastic belt. The body pattern is herringbone-shaped, the width is generally 0.3~2 cm, the texture is between woven and knitted elastic, and the colors are relatively monotonous, and are mostly used in clothing.

Features and Benefits of Futureyarn Elastic Cord:

Elastic Cord For Mask

1. The surface of the fine frosted particles makes the hand feel smooth, and the sewing process is smooth and unobstructed, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency.

3. It has good elasticity and strong recovery force, which can maintain the clothes for a long time without deformation, showing natural lines.

4. Soft, light, thin and extremely flexible.

5. Good biocompatibility, close to the skin without allergic reaction.

6. Wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, washing resistance, long service life

7. Does not shrink, and maintains the original size and elongation after repeated dry cleaning or water.

8. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, incinerated, buried in soil and decomposed naturally.

9. Excellent weather resistance, after testing, it still maintains good elasticity and flexibility at -38 degrees Celsius → +138 degrees Celsius

10. Compliant with export standards

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