Others have asked for servers with low populations to be merged together although it might sound easy on paper, Aggrend says that WoW has not in the past joined servers. That's for a number of reasons buy WoTLK Gold, to players being unable to use their own name to merges damaging a server's unique community. Blizzard, Aggrend writes, opposes any method which could force a massive majority of players what they would not like to do, such as is the case with server merges.

Aggrend writes that the topic is a big one, and that it might be too vast for the forum to discuss. For this reason, the team has planned to host a live chat conversation with members of the WoW Classic Community to talk server issues and other concerns. Aggrend writes that more details on the community chat will be announced in the coming weeks.

The issue of server imbalance and merges isn't unique to WoW Classic. Amazon's MMO World of Warcraft has also had issues with the issue since it was having begun to merge low-population servers together.

World of Warcraft 's Rise Of Azshara is a focus on flexibility

World of Warcraft 's latest expansion is raging with frequent story events and content updates that tell the ongoing story of the Battle of Azeroth. Blizzard has revealed the new major update, Rise of Azshara that will bring players to the mysterious city of Nazjatar to fight Azshara herself WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, as well as the new city of Mechagon where gnomes have been replacing themselves with cold machines.