If you're in search of more natural options to keep your face hydrated, make the switch to the most natural facial moisturizer. Why? Let's find out. 


Natural moisturizers for the face have ingredients that can be found inside your cupboards. These ingredients are good for your skin in addition to helping the body internally. If you find words like cinnamon oil, coconut oil, tea oil, or aloe vera on the label's back, be assured that they are healthy for you.


We've compiled an extensive list of the Best natural moisturizer for face that can give your skin an energizing glow.


Our skin soaks up most of the stuff we put on its surface, including face creams, body lotions, and skin oils. Rashes, inflammation, and dryness are common side effects when skin care products don't function well with our skin. We use the highest-quality, most natural ingredients because of this. 


We reach for our natural moisturizer for face every single day and every evening. Devoting this much repetition, thinking about switching from a cleaner, greener natural product that is better for your skin and the earth may be well worth your while. But you don't just have to sacrifice persistence, results, or your skin's health when choosing an option that's free of the substances you cannot tolerate. 


The best natural and organic moisturizing products are perfect for those looking to preserve radiance in their skin.


How to choose a natural moisturizer for your face? 


The formulation is the first thing to remember when choosing any skincare product. Specific formulas often do not work well with acne-prone, sensitive, dry, or irritable skin. So, check to ensure the ingredients are organic and compatible with your skin type. Aloe vera, glycerin, turmeric, and saffron are a few promising elements that could improve the appearance of your skin.


Creams made with organic ingredients help to moisturize our skin without harming it. Additionally, they hydrate our skin.


It is essential to choose the right moisturizer depending on the type of skin you have, for example, water-based or gel-based moisturizers that are suitable for skin with oily complexions. Oil-based or cream moisturizers treat dry skin, and oil-based creams or natural moisturizer for face are suitable for normal skin.


Top 9 Natural Moisturizer In India


Dr. Rashel Tender Coconut Cream, 380ml


The medium-chain fatty acids in Dr. Rashel Coconut Cream are abundant. Your skin's moisture content is kept in check while also looking and feeling smooth and silky. Applying this cream to your face increases the appearance of your healthy, beautiful skin by promoting improved blood circulation, allowing your skin to breathe.


This cream contains extracts and glycerin, which have been proven clinically to even the skin tone, diminish discoloration and dark spots for better-looking, radiant skin, improve skin clarity, and stimulate new skin cells' growth. Moreover, it moisturizes skin and provides intense hydration throughout the night. 


The active ingredients from nature work to diminish areas of hyper-pigmentation as well as discoloration. This skin cream makes you feel softer and smoother. It instantly moisturizes your skin lasting up to 12 hours.


BrownSkin Beauty Immortal Aloe Face Cream, Facewash & Serum Combo


There needs to be a SELF-LOVE revolution in a culture where having fair skin is the main bar for beauty. BrownSkin Beauty romanticizes all shades of brown and has taken to heart the stigma associated with it. The focus of BrownSkin Beauty on each shade of brown allows us to create products that work consistently. This is because everything is made especially for melanin-rich Indian skin and targets skin problems we're susceptible to, such as hyperpigmentation, acne, and melasma, to give you gorgeous and healthy skin. 


All of the most popular cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments are included in this BrownSkin Beauty Immortal skincare set in full size. It will rejuvenate your skin inside and out.


Acco Hydrating Aqua Gel Cream, 50ml


Acco Hydrating Aqua Gel Cream is highly moisturizing and is enriched with Jeju black radish extract that helps improve and replenish the skin. This gel formula for hydrating helps make skin firm, soft, supple, and noticeably hydrated after two weeks of use. Black radish is a rich source of fibers, vitamins, minerals, and water, which aid in brightening the complexion and increasing its water retention capacity. This water-rich gel formula absorbs into the skin, regulates excessive sebum, tightens pores, and keeps moisture in.


Anour Ginseng Day Cream (SPF 20 ++), 29.5ml


The Day Cream from Anour is made with Ginseng, known for its incredible revitalizing and balancing properties. It aids in balancing the production of oil and pigmentation. The Arbutin included in this Day Cream helps to improve the texture and tone of your skin. This Day Cream is particularly developed with Plant SPF20 produced from plants to help protect your skin from sun sensitivity.


Hyaluronic acid, a very light natural moisturizer for face that helps the skin feel nourished, reduces the appearance of creases and lines, and imparts a healthy shine to the skin, is a component of this product. It is a gentle, non-greasy cream that swiftly absorbs, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and well-nourished.


Belora Paris Overnight Repair Moisturizer With Retinol, 50ml


Overnight Repair Moisturizer that contains Retinol is a dazzling natural moisturizer for face that can bring your five years younger self back with radiant skin. Retinol is a long-standing method to maintain youthful and healthy skin that helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines and even the skin's tone. The formula is light and infused with broccoli extract that boosts the skin's cell growth and reduces the appearance of redness, bringing out the natural glow of youth.


BrownSkin Beauty Thirst Trap Face Serum + day Cream + Face Wash Combo + Bum Bag


Be prepared for the summer heat by using the hydration booster routine in one comprehensive set. Rehydrate using the Thirst Trap Skincare set formulated using pure high-quality Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera. Thirst Trap Foaming Face Wash, Thirst Trap Serum, Thirst Trap Day Cream, Thirst Trap Skin Roll On, Thirst Trap Night Cream, BBS Tie Hair Bungee Bag (Canvas), and Thirst Trap Press on Nails are all included in the package. 


Cetaphil Moisturising Cream For Dry To Normal And Sensitive Skin, 250 gm


Cetaphil Moisturising cream for Dry to Normal, sensitive skin contains a powerful combination of humectants and emollients, which can deliver intense moisture. It assists in binding water to the skin to help keep it well-hydrated. It can aid in managing the skin's dry and sensitive condition and guard against dry skin issues. It is non-greasy in texture, and its soothing formula can be beneficial in nourishing your skin.


Casmara Hydro Goji, 50ml


CASMARA Hydro Goji is a cosmetic product with a unique blend of active natural ingredients, particularly Goji extract of berries. The super fruit of the Himalayas gives this line unique and powerful antioxidant properties, helping combat and delay the first signs of aging along with intense hydration.


COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream, 30gm


An effective spot treatment that lessens the appearance of blemishes is COSRX AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream. The formula combines zinc oxide with calamine to suck up excess sebum and reduce acne and aloe leaf water to soothe and restore hydration to irritated skin.


All these products are available on Cossouq. You can place your order and make your skin beautiful inside out.


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