Although Pokemon Sword and Shield are full of weird characters, sometimes the most direct characters will eventually stand out. If someone doesn't have one, then they often choose to Buy Shiny Pokemon. This is the case with fans' favorite rival, Marnie, and this is reflected in the new role-play of Princess _ Pio Chan.

Although the role-playing game is several months old, after Princess_pio_chan shared the game on Reddit, it caused a sensation among Pokémon game fans. It captures a series of impressive details surrounding Marnie's character and clothes, and her facial expressions are very consistent with those used by Marnie in the game.

Part of the reason for Marnie's popularity is her ensemble, but her restrained facial animation may also make her popular. Therefore, it is not surprising that these numbers have replaceable panels. Fans can reinterpret their favorite moments with Marnie and make sure that her face maintains the character of the character.

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