Another thing Smith was doing to help himself unwind is playing video games, namely Madden 21 coins. Though he isn't at the game however, Smith has some players that are preferred. "All my teammates from Alabama who are at the league now," he states. "It's important to confirm the Tide."

That is not to say Smith doesn't want to see himself at the match in the near future:"I am going forward to using a Madden rating once I'm in the league," he says. "I don't understand what it is going to be, but I know it's not high enough."

Certainly confident in his skills (and why should not be he be?) , Smith mentions the very best of the best when talking wide receivers past and present he looks around.

"He is the greatest in NFL history along with a complete legend in the sport. I have always studied the way he used his pace to overmatch defenders. He was also always about winning, and winning as a group, that is something I really look him up . Besides Jerry Rice, I loved watching Randy Moss. He had no flaws in his game and nobody had an opportunity . He had been a complete game-changer. From the league now, Keenan Allen. My match is similar to his."

And though he's talking ahead of the draft, Smith plans on letting that match speak for itself in the Cheap Madden nfl 21 coins.