With the upgrade of Burning Crusade Classic, players need more WOW TBC Classic Gold, so the production of gold is important within the game. Therefore, mastering the method of obtaining gold quickly in the game can make you one step faster than others. 

Make a second character
It is effective to have another role for a few reasons. You don't have to upgrade your characters to level 70, but putting them near to your bank and mailbox means you can easily send them the other items of main of your character. There is no auction house in outland, so if you plan to sell something, it might make sense to use an alternative that is camped next to Azeroth.

Of course, if you intend to upgrade another character, that's best of all. Choose a few WoW Classic professions to complement your choice of main characters and make them work. One-third could be your glorious private banker.

Craft items to sell 
In addition to providing you the option to produce consumables or items yourself, many crafted items may also be sold at auction houses for a profit. If you want to make gold through craftsmanship, there are more things involved—especially the initial cost of upgrading the profession—but it is still profitable.

Jewelry processing is a new feature of Burning Crusade Classic, nevertheless, the upgrade charges are quite high. Tailoring is the one other option where one can see some benefits, especially since the drop of material is not particularly tough to obtain. Of course, you can create your bags-or you may sell them. TBC-specific items, for example, Spellcloth are being used in various crafting recipes and, sometimes sell well.
Choosing  gathering professions 
If you don't want to bother to create items available for purchase, then choosing two gathering professions is every bit as profitable, if not more, the premise is that if you want to continue making, you can set aside time to grow material gold at level 70.
All collecting professions work well because related mats are generally sought after. Also keep in mind that TBC Classic introduces jewelry processing, so the demand for ore may be high. Usually, players buy cheap TBC Classic Gold from MMOTBC to save game time. You can usually find buyers of low-level items in auction houses because players want to upgrade their craftsmanship and may not have time to grow all the materials they need.