What is Mivida City in Islamabad?

Mivida City is a secluded valley located in the Margalla Hills of Islamabad, Pakistan. The valley is home to a number of wildlife species and is a popular hiking destination for locals and tourists alike. Despite its popularity, little is known about Mivida City and its history. In this blog post, we will explore what Mivida City is, how it came to be, and what its future may hold.

Is Mivida City Islamabad a good investment?

If you're looking for a good investment property in Mivida City Islamabad location, you should definitely check out Mivida City. This luxurious gated community is located just minutes from the city center, and offers a wide range of amenities and features that make it a great place to live. The homes are spacious and well-built, and the community itself is safe and secure. There are plenty of shopping and dining options nearby, making it easy to get everything you need. In addition, the community is close to many of Islamabad's best schools, so your children will be able to get a great education. Overall, Mivida City is an excellent option for those who want to invest in a property in Islamabad.

Mivida City Houshing Scheme

The Mivida City Housing Scheme is one of the most popular residential areas in Islamabad. It is located in the heart of the city and offers a wide range of amenities to its residents. The scheme was launched in 2006 and since then, it has become one of the most sought-after places to live in Islamabad.

The housing scheme offers a variety of housing options to its residents, including apartments, duplexes, and villas. There are also a number of commercial properties available in the scheme, which makes it an ideal place to live for those who want to be close to all the action.

The scheme is well-connected to the rest of the city and is served by a number of bus routes. The nearest metro station is also just a short walk away, making it easy for residents to get around.

There are a number of schools and hospitals located nearby, making it an ideal place for families to live. There are also a number of parks and green spaces in the area, which provide a great place for residents to relax and unwind.

Overall, the Mivida City Housing Scheme is an excellent place to live for those who want to be close to all the facilities and amenities that Islamabad has to offer.
Minida City payment plan

Mivida City is an up and coming residential area in Islamabad. With its convenient location and easy payment plan, it is the perfect place for families who are looking for a new home.

The Mivida City Islamabad payment plan is very flexible and accommodating. Families can choose to pay in full upfront, or they can opt for a monthly payment plan. There is also the option to pay a down payment and then finance the rest of the purchase. This makes it very easy for families to buy their dream home without having to worry about financing.

The monthly payment plan is very affordable, starting at just Rs. 5,000 per month. This makes it very easy for families to budget their expenses and still have money left over for other needs.

Down payments are also very reasonable, starting at just 10% of the total purchase price. This makes it possible for families to buy their home even if they don’t have all the money upfront.

The Mivida City payment plan is the perfect solution for families who want to buy a new home but don’t have all the money upfront. With its flexible financing options and reasonable prices, it is the perfect place to call home.

Does Mivida City have NOC?

No, Mivida City does not have a NOC. The project is still in its pre-launch phase and is yet to start construction.

Is Mivida City Islamabad legal?

Yes, Mivida City in Islamabad is legal. The project is approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Pakistan. It is a mixed-use development comprising residential, commercial, and office space. The project is located on the Islamabad Expressway, in close proximity to the new Islamabad International Airport.