Make absolutely sure you question the accuracy of the dimensions advertised for the Walk-In Best Bathtubs company in India you are discussing!


The seller of the bathtubs mentioned above which misrepresents manufacturer's guarantees also uses great license in describing tub height, door width, and other dimensions. This company indicates 42.5'' & 38.5" in height for their "best" models. In actuality, the tubs are 41" & 37" high with a very small "headrest" on the seat that is 1.5" taller than the rest of the tub. Their website proclaims the door is 18" wide. Again, not true. Only the top of the door where there is a wider notch is 18", the bottom of the door is only 14" in width. Worst of all, the step-up into the tub (threshold) is advertised as being " low as 6"..." but is actually EIGHT inches high!!! There is nothing wrong with the real dimensions of these Walk-In Bathtubs company in India, but in our opinion, definitely something wrong with misrepresentation.


Unfortunately, many online Walk In Bathtub company engages in these deceptive sales tactics. Be careful.


Make sure that before you spend thousands of dollars you have the facts!


Quality Control/Getting your Walk-In Bathtub company with all of the correct parts and in working condition!


Many distributors warehouse the products they carry that are manufactured overseas.


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