For teenagers and seniors, it can be difficult to tell who is more dependent on the phone. The elderly mostly stay at home, so for most of the elderly at home, the phone is their lifeline to contact the outside world. But as vision and dexterity decline, and arthritis and forgetfulness increase, the phones we pick for our elders are increasingly difficult for them to use.


This mobile phone is small and convenient. Although the screen is not large, the fonts are clear and easy for the elderly to use. For some elderly people, the phone is the only tool for them to communicate with their children. Smartphones are often difficult to use for seniors who no longer go out alone. In contrast, this old man's mobile phone is much simpler to use. Basically, you only need to learn to answer the phone. Since they are so small that they can easily be lost, you must periodically remind them to install them.

If you think cell phones are a tool for seniors to use. Then this old Eelink mobile phone may be the best choice. Among mobile electronics, it is the largest and easiest to use. But they still have to be charged, which is no way.

The advantage of a mobile home phone is that it is portable. Yet even larger mobile phones are difficult to use for older adults with impaired perception and memory, and although the keys are larger than most phones, they are still small. But this mobile phone also has a function of positioning, which prevents the family from being unable to contact the elderly when they go out. As long as the elderly carry the mobile phone, the family can see the location of the elderly on the mobile phone.


The buttons of this old man's mobile phone are very easy to use. Depending on the pattern, the functions are also different, and the old man is also very easy to operate. They just need to remember the key to answer the call. This mobile phone for the elderly is small and does not feel burdensome in the pocket. Even if the elderly does not answer the phone, the family can find the location of the elderly at any time without worrying about not being able to find it.


At the same time, this elderly mobile phone also has an SOS alarm function. When the elderly go out and get lost or encounter danger, this function can be used. Although this mobile phone for the elderly is not a panacea, it is also good for the elderly to use it to play an auxiliary role.

The call function of this mobile phone for the elderly is also very good, and the volume can allow some elderly people with poor hearing to answer the phone normally.