Lost Ark - Arcanist Class Overview Unveiled

The Arcanist Class will be coming to Lost Ark, Western Edition, on July 20. It's a magic class that deals in cards, and focuses on DPS Buy Lost Ark Gold. It's about time we got one of those.

The Arcanist class coming into Lost Ark, courtesy of Amazon Game Studios , imbues special cards with her Magick and utilizes them to create a wide variety of effects. From slicing enemies up by throwing out a storm of cards, to unleashing the power of Magick attacks or team effects from the cards themselves The Arcanist can pull a trick from her sleeves for every scenario.

The Arcanist's skills are split into three categories; Normal Ruin, Stacking and Normal. Normal skills can be used to deal damage and quickly build up the Specialty Meter.

The two other types of abilities comprise Stacking & Ruin. Effective attacks using Stacking abilities can build up to four stacks on the target. When a Ruin skill hits in the air, it uses stacks built up on the object to create more damage and creates opportunities to do massive damage.

Even though she is equipped with an arsenal of abilities that the Arcanist may leave some things to the fate of cards she holds with her special skill "Card Deck". When the player lands an attack, it charges on the card Meter.

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