There are a few things you should pay attention to in order to avoid problems and use your vape products comfortably. Let's take a look at four main precautions when using a vape.

Liquid leakage may occur.

Liquid may leak from the airflow when using a vape. The main cause of liquid leakage is an oversupply of liquid (too much liquid soaking into the coil). The key to preventing liquid leakage is how to prevent an oversupply of liquid. Leakage is also likely to occur if the coil and battery are not properly connected, so be sure to check this when assembling the atomizer.

There are several ways to categorize atomizers, and the two types are "bottom airflow" and "top airflow" when differentiated by the position of the airflow. And the type of atomizer with airflow below the coil (bottom airflow) is prone to leakage. Among them, the explosive type atomizers are said to be prone to oversupply of liquid because of the large juice hole for supplying liquid. On the other hand, atomizers with airflow above the coil (top airflow) will not leak as long as they are placed upright. However, if the atomizer is inadvertently placed on its side, a small amount of liquid may leak from the airflow.

To prevent leaks from bottom airflow atomizers, it is best to keep the atomizer upside down when not in use for long periods of time. Also, since liquid tends to become dry when heated, it tends to leak even immediately after use. Therefore, whether you use bottom airflow or top airflow, you can prevent leaks by taking care to keep the atomizer upright after use.

When changing the liquid in the same coil, the flavors may mix.

If a different flavor of liquid is added to the same coil after the liquid has been smoked, the flavors may become mixed because the previous liquid is still in the coil. There is no problem with mixing different liquids, so if you do not mind the taste, you can continue to smoke as is. However, if you want to enjoy the original flavor of the liquid, you should take measures to prevent the flavors of the liquids from mixing.

The first thing to do is to wash the atomizer thoroughly. Atomizers can be washed in water, so rinse them lightly in a container of water such as a washbowl. However, due to the structure of the atomizer, it may be difficult to completely remove the previous liquid. If the flavors still mix even after washing, you can use different atomizers for different genres of flavors. Alternatively, you can replace only the coils with new ones.

Do not use a charger that is not compatible

When you purchase a vape, a USB cable for charging is often included, but an AC adapter may not be included. You can separately purchase a dedicated AC adapter or connect it to a PC or other device to charge the vape. However, avoid using chargers that do not support vape charging, such as AC adapters for smartphones. Although it may be possible to charge the battery, it may damage the battery and in some cases cause serious accidents such as explosions. The reason for this is the difference between vape and smartphone batteries.

Smartphone batteries are rated for 2A, which is suitable for quick charging, whereas typical vape batteries are rated for 5V1A. This means that vape batteries need to be charged over time due to their high capacity and high power output. Some vapes are equipped with batteries that can be charged at high speeds, so check before you buy or start charging. if you are unsure what kind of charger your vape battery is compatible with, you should contact the store or mail order site that sells the vape itself.

Be careful not to burn the coils empty.

If you continue to vape when the liquid has been depleted after a long vape, or if you start vaping without sufficient time after refilling the tank with liquid, you may cause the coil to run dry. If the wick (cotton), which is the part that transmits the liquid from the tank to the coil, is not thoroughly soaked with liquid before smoking, the coil and wick will burn. If you smoke in this state, you will experience throat discomfort known as "dry hit," "dry burn," or "irritation. In addition, once a coil or wick is burnt, the smell of burnt coils and wicks will seep in, making it difficult to use comfortably.

To prevent coils from burning dry, it is recommended to set the temperature control mode of the vape body in advance. Also, when refilling the wick with liquid, wait until the liquid has fully soaked into the wick before starting to vape. As a rule of thumb, it is said that you should wait about 10 minutes after injecting.

Tips for choosing a vape retailer when purchasing a vape

In this section, we will look at points to look out for when choosing an Internet store to purchase a vape.

Use a safe online shopping site

Vape is a product that is manufactured and sold all over the world, including Asia, Europe, and the United States, so the quality of manufacturers varies widely. Some products are "cheap or cheaply made," so you need to be careful not to make the mistake of buying such products. In addition, some overseas Internet vape wholesale stores do not support Japanese-language sales. In such cases, it may be difficult to confirm product information and transaction precautions, making it difficult to make purchases easily. It is best to use an Internet store that has Japanese-language service and clearly describes the product information and shipping origin.

Check if a starter kit is available

If you are just starting out with vape, you will need to purchase not only the vape itself, but also liquid, an atomizer, a charging cable, and so on. In such cases, it is convenient to purchase a starter kit that includes everything you need to start vaping. Some Internet stores sell only the main unit or consumables, and some do not sell starter kits. When choosing a site from which to purchase a vape, novice vapers should also check to see if starter kits are offered.

Check to see if you can get a good deal

Some Internet vape stores offer special services such as campaigns and coupons to attract new customers and repeat customers. If you take advantage of such services, you can buy a vape at a great price.