Obsidian is a resource within the Ark: Survival Evolved, utilized to make some necessary items. Players can ARK Buy Dinos to save make time. But, players often are not aware of where to think it is, or perhaps how to obtain it after encountering it. Here are some tips and tricks for that to help you find obsidian and mine it in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Where have you found it?
Obsidian found in shiny black rocks which have a smooth appearance. It sounds quite simple, but there are only a few places and you'll found these rocks.

They are commonly found in caves and mountains, especially near poles. You can even be close to volcanoes since this resource can even be mined near these formations.

The easiest destination to find obsidian is Whitesky Peak around the northwest side of the island. You can recognize it from the blue obelisk hanging onto it, nevertheless, you should be prepared for the cold, simply because you will soon have hypothermia.

What tools would you use to dig it?
The best tool for digging obsidian is not a tool at all. On the contrary, you can find some creatures manufactured for this work.

Due to its skill combination, it's best to use Ankylosaurus, Magmasaur Dragon, and Phoenix, and you could tame them using a single-player cheat code. You can also make use of a praying mantis or perhaps a metal pick, but when you use one in the other creatures listed, collecting obsidian is going to be faster.

There are also be creatures that could reduce the weight of obsidian of their inventory, so you're able to stay and collect a greater portion of this precious rock. Dunkleosteus is right for this job, but Argentavis and Ravager are good ways for this adventure.

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