Ark: Survival Evolved is a wilderness survival game that puts players in a world full of dinosaurs. To get anywhere quickly, players need to upgrade quickly and learn how to tame ARK Wyvern to help protect them and transport them on the map faster. Here are some things new players need to know about Ark: Survival Evolved.

Dinosaurs take days to tame 
Dinosaurs have different taming needs in the game. Some only need berries and a few minutes to join you, while other dinosaurs may take a few days. Ark hopes that players will face real challenges in tame dinosaurs, and players will have to worry about how to control them.

Don't be attached to your pet
Many players will start to feel that the first dinosaur to tame them is a bit powerful, especially if it is a carnivore. The fact is, whether it is a player error or a flock of birds of prey, dinosaurs will die. Pets can be cured, but it takes a lot of work to ensure that they stay alive in the game. In addition, pets also need to be fed, and staying away from them at certain times may cause them to disappear.

Food will go bad
Unlike other survival games, in Ark: Survival Evolved, meat and berries will deteriorate in your inventory. This makes it difficult to store food. Players must continue to collect supplies until they can unlock better preservation tools later in the game. Although spoiled meat does have some uses, it does not help players survive.

Your house may be attacked
No matter how strong your house is, it can become part of an attack. Whether by another tribe or by a violent dinosaur. Sometimes, players Buy ARK Wyvern from the store to save game time. Even herbivores can sometimes cause problems, especially in the case of the giant brontosaurus, which can easily step over walls effortlessly. This is an unavoidable situation, and only proper reconnaissance of the camp can help.