Introduction to lab coats

The term experimental garment means an academic garment based on research experience. It refers to the work clothes used to protect the body and inner clothes during experiments. Generally, they are long-sleeved, knee-length, similar to a doctor's gown, and are usually made of cotton or linen, so that they can be washed with high-temperature water.

The role of the lab coat

It can effectively reduce the number of microorganisms in the hands and arms, and prevent the resident bacteria in the deep part of the skin from being brought to the surface of the hands with sweat during the experiment. The cleanliness of the lab coat also has a warning function, so that you can keep the laboratory clean and tidy to prevent environmental pollution and safety hazards caused by the littering of pharmaceuticals. In order to prevent the lab coat from being soiled by the medicine, you will be more careful when doing the experiment, which can prevent improper operation due to carelessness and cause danger. At the same time, wearing a lab coat will give you a serious, negative, and rigorous feeling, and it will also give people the image of a scientist and a sense of security, and gain the trust of others.


In addition to protecting yourself, the lab coat can be found immediately after being soiled by experimental reagents in the laboratory. For example, some acids and bases, organic solvents, fluorescent dyes, etc. can be dealt with immediately if they are found. It is found that throwing away the lab coat is quite dangerous for researchers and the surrounding environment.

Recommendations for lab coats

Holymed Medical manufactures a variety of textile products, mainly medical apparel, this lab gown is made of polyester and has knitted cuffs to protect skin against infectious agents and blood-borne pathogens. When hanging the lab coat, it is necessary to choose the appropriate lab coat according to the needs. At the same time, it is necessary to first ensure that the chemicals in the laboratory are properly stored, and the safety protection equipment such as fume hood, splash plate, and glove box should be fully equipped. This lab coat from Holymed Medical has several advantages.

Comfort: Comfort is also a crucial selection factor. The comfortable form of this lab coat is very light and breathable to wear without feeling overly heavy.

Fit: A well-fitting lab coat should meet three conditions: knee length or knee length; sleeves covering the entire arm; and the highest button at the neck. If the lab coat is too large, harmful substances may enter the cuffs, and if the lab coat is too long, there is a risk of tripping; while the lab coat is too small, it will lead to inconvenience of movement. This lab coat has multiple sizes to choose from. According to your height and weight, you can choose the lab coat that suits you.

Durable: This lab coat is durable and affordable, making it more cost-effective to buy in bulk.

This lab coat is hazardous waste when it is seriously polluted and should be properly disposed of separately and cannot be used further.