Advantages of prefabricated modular bridges


If you're looking for the best way to build a bridge, you might want to consider a prefab modular bridge. These structures are built to span highways or other bodies of water. They can be purchased prefab or built from scratch, or assembled in sections. These components were then installed using a large D8-type dozer and fully cantilevered launcher.


Prefabricated modular steel bridges offer many advantages over traditional bridges. They are lightweight and can be transported and installed quickly. They also meet all the standards required for permanent bridges, such as ASTM A-123. Additionally, due to their modular design, they can be used in a variety of configurations and require minimal maintenance.


The design process for prefabricated modular steel bridges is simpler and less time-consuming than traditional bridge construction methods. The steel modules are manufactured at the factory and transported to the construction site ready for installation. Prefabricated modular steel bridges can be customized to meet a wide range of requirements, from narrow roads to varying levels of vehicular traffic.



Introduction to Prefabricated Modular Bridges


FAMOUS has a proven track record in building high-quality bridges for a variety of purposes. With professional production equipment and technical personnel. It also makes the company have rich experience in building construction.


This is a Modular Truss Bridges that primarily uses steel truss slabs to build bridge structures. The panels are standard size and held together by bolts and pins. This modular system simplifies design work and reduces construction time.


Panel bridge systems offer several advantages over other bridge systems. The system is quick and easy to assemble. Compared with traditional bridge construction methods, the construction time can be cut in half. Additionally, it is versatile and can be easily modified to meet changing span lengths and other specifications.


Using the Truss Structural System system, the panel trusses are bolted vertically, allowing for double height structures. This allows for longer spans in multiples of the panel length and increases load-carrying capacity through the use of double trusses in the horizontal and vertical planes.


The role of prefabricated modular bridges


The bridge can be used for road, rail and military applications. Designed to be portable and robust, these Modular Truss Bridges are made of steel and are a patented concept. It is perfect for short spans and remote areas. Its modular design makes it easy to transport and install, which is why it is gaining popularity in remote areas around the world.


Prefabricated modular steel bridges can be designed to meet any design requirement and are easy to assemble. They use a steel superstructure and are designed for vehicle loads. They can be adapted for a wide range of uses, from simple pedestrian bridges to complex bridges.