Innovation is a powerful driving force for social progress, and also the key to the development of enterprises. In the packaging and printing industry, with the development of China's economy, consumers are also constantly picky about commodity packaging, so that the design of the packaging box can only continue to innovate, and innovation is the core force for the development of packaging boxes.

1。 portable pu leather jewelry organizer supplier design should first emphasize market research

In order to do a good job in the individuation of packaging box design, we must first master the consumers' psychology, strive to match with the consumers' personality psychology, achieve the coordination of packaging and commodities in sentiment, and enable consumers to understand the characteristics of commodities in a certain image. Every detail should be carefully considered to reflect the brand's personality, attitude and even belief.

2。 Portable pu leather jewelry organizer supplier design must strengthen personalized visual impact

Personalized packaging box design should skillfully use color to create visual impact. A survey and analysis from psychologists shows that 83% of people rely on vision, 1% on hearing, and 3% on touch to remember brands. Color plays a particularly important role in packaging box design. Because different colors can cause people to have different visual reactions, thus causing different psychological activities.

3。 Portable pu leather jewelry organizer supplier design should also have environmental awareness

The 21st century is a century of "greenism", and the awareness of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. It is the common goal of consumers and designers to create packaging box design that is conducive to environmental protection and human health. Therefore, while pursuing the design concept and marketing interests, packaging box designers should be guided by the interests of social groups, take full account of social costs and social responsibilities, and take into account the advantages and disadvantages of environmental protection. What is particularly worth reflecting on is that many commodities are now over packaged. Excessive packaging refers to product packaging with excessive packaging function and value. The excessive packaging of enterprises not only increases the burden of consumers, wastes valuable packaging resources, aggravates the deterioration of the ecological environment, and increases the burden of waste disposal.

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