"The greater visibility that a worldwide brand such as EA SPORTS will provide for our teams, leagues and players should not be ignored. This is very in line with our vision to accelerate the growth of women's soccer in England and highlights our dedication to make to more accessible the Barclays Women's Super League, and make it even easier to access for viewers all over the world FIFA 23 coins."

Fnatic Tekkz, one of the top FIFA 23 players around the world, has named the most important three players on your Ultimate Team this year.

The most recent edition of EA Sports' hit franchise began last month, with players determined to put together the most effective team they can.

Finding the ideal team or player is difficult at the start or the final stages of a game. Who better to ask for the most valuable advice than an experienced professional?

Tekkz, real name Donald Hunt, spends his entire life playing FIFA for Fnatic The number one Esports organisation in the UK.The 20-year-old has examined FIFA 23 thoroughly over the last few weeks , and has determined that the 'long players' will have the best experience.

What exactly is a lengthy player you might ask? That's because EA has provided every player who has the latest generation consoles with the 'AcceleRATE' archetype. Everyone is divided into 'Controlled', "Explosive" or 'Long' type of acceleration which decide how players are competent to measure how fast they run cheap FUT 23 coins.