In this digital era, where everything is getting digitized, isn’t it exciting if you can also buy digital currencies? Well! It is not an imaginary thing, because there are so many digital exchanges whooping the digital realm where you can buy, sell and store digital assets. 

Now, the question is, as we know that the digital world is not safe from frauds, hackers, malware and so many malicious activities, how can we be assured about the security of our assets?

Well! Of course, you’d be worried about your assets, eventually, you are investing your hard-earned money. So, I am here to aid you? 

Want to know, how? Follow me further.

In this read, I will introduce a well-secure platform, Crypto where you can buy, sell and trade digital assets, as well as we will drive a way to provide an extra layer of security to your Crypto sign in account.


Crypto in a nutshell

A well-known cryptocurrency exchange, Crypto, supports a variety of digital currencies and blockchain-related facilities. Users benefit from very low trading costs and are able to buy, sell, and exchange a wide variety of currencies. 

Along with this, customers may earn up to 14.5% interest by staking their cryptocurrency or keeping it in a Crypto wallet for a predetermined amount of time.


Steps to set up 2FA in your Crypto sign in account

  1. First of all, open the app and perform the sign in
  2. Now, go to the “Settings” option and enable the toggle of “2FA”.
  3. Open any authentication app, and scan the QR code with that, you can copy the as well by clicking the copy icon.
  4. In the authenticator app, press the “Add account” button and then pick up the choice to enter the seed phrase manually.
  5. Paste the copied code over there by holding the designated space and choosing the “Paste” option.
  6. Then, you can save the changes and then a 2FA code will be generated by the authenticator app.
  7. Copy that code and paste it into the designated field in the authenticator app.
  8. Now, you will be asked to generate a passcode, generate the passcode of your preference.
  9. Open Crypto sign in platform and enter your generated passcode there.
  10. Finally, click the “Proceed to verify” button to finalize the process, now you have successfully enabled the 2FA in your Crypto app.



Crpto crypto exchange can be a perfect choice for investors who want a wide range of cryptocurrencies to invest in. This platform also provides NFT marketplaces, independent crypto wallets, decentralized exchanges, and cryptocurrency credit cards.

By navigating through this read, you can easily set up two-factor authentication in your crypto sign in to safeguard your account. So follow the read and get extreme security with a piece of mind.