Pokemon's Twilight Wings video editing series tells the countless characters introduced in the Galar area. But it is not a complete animation under any circumstances.

Although many fans of the Pokemon series may have watched an animated TV show starring Ash Ketchum and Pikachu from different regions, few have watched the short series Twilight Wings. Twilight Wings is not the first skit released in the Pokémon series. Both series contain episodes of four to eight minutes while focusing on characters that many fans may know in the game series, rather than Xiaozhi and his good friends.

The background of the Twilight Wings animated short is the Galer region of Pokemon Sword and Shield. All episodes are linked together using a character that appears frequently, a taxi driver and an excellent Corviknight. Compared with the main animation series, Twilight Wings is special in that it focuses on the Pokemon world that players understand through the game. Although the methods are different, the purpose is the same. So players can choose Buy Shiny Pokemon in the pkmbuy.com store. Pokemon animated TV series plus Pokemon main game series has always existed in a 50% different world. There are various rules in each iteration, and Twilight Wings bridges this gap.

Animation style advantage Twilight Wings is better than the Pokemon TV series. It is more comparable to Pokemon movies like I choose you, and the carefully drawn background and the character design are comparable to the art of sword and shield games. Although not as stylized as Generations, the clear animation creates a pleasant viewing experience and allows fans to watch Galar differently than the sword and shield gameplay in the form of a 3D model. Although Generations and Twilight Wings have become so popular. Any episode of the mini-series on the Pokemon YouTube channel has countless views.

But the short film opportunity is really unlikely to become a complete Pokemon animation program. Although the strings behind popular characters in specific regions may attract many fans in Pokemon games, Pokemon animated TV shows are interesting even for those who have not played a title. It is undeniable that each role has a special meaning. Just like players like to Buy Shiny Pokemon. The franchise is likely to continue to agree that Ash has been the mascot of the TV show for many years to ensure that the show still performs well.

Although this may be disappointing for those who like animated short films, there may be more mini-series-style episodes appearing on the Pokémon series' YouTube channel in the future. Although not sure when it will happen. However, after watching for a few generations, the exposure rate of Twilight Wings has been increased. It is likely to be encouraged. If the generation does not perform well, it is really unlikely that the Pokémon series will add another set of skits.