Testing. A word that has a large amount of importance. From laymen to the scientific community, all of them value it a lot. 


Without testing an object, nothing is finalized. Only after being tested concerning all the important parameters. 


When it comes to any best material  for phone case and the cases made out of them, the rules remain the same. 


Some things need to be tested properly. Only after proper approval are they deployed for manufacturing. 


Testing is carried out in different formats. One of the most reliable formats is the Military drop test.


It includes different formats of dropping or harming the object. This is done to test the reliability of the object. 


There are 3 major types of drops that take place. They are as follows:

  1. Corner drop 
  2. Face drop
  3. Edge drop 


As this is the testing phase, it helps in detecting the different weak points that are present in the product. 


One can choose to carry out a specific test but a combined approach is the best format. 

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