Introduction of striped protective clothing


Striped gowns help protect healthcare workers from spreading the virus to healthcare workers through air or liquids. What is the purpose of the stripes on this protective suit? The blue stripe is a sign of protective clothing, representing the level of protective clothing, allowing users to know what level of protective clothing it is at a glance. At the same time, it is easy to manage, saving you wearing the wrong protective clothing to go where you shouldn't. The stripes of protection are carefully found to be different, and different stripes represent different identities of the wearers. There are many models of this striped protective suit, and choosing the right size is not only for comfort, but also for safety.


The role of protective clothing strips


There is a difference between striped protective clothing with or without adhesive strips. Different strips of strips represent different levels of protection. One blue line is for nurses, two blue lines are for doctors, red stripes are for emergency workers, and green is for hospital logistics. Since the preventive effect of protective clothing includes airborne viruses, the air permeability of protective clothing will be relatively poor. After the protective clothing is glued with adhesive strips, it is seamless, waterproof and dustproof, so as to avoid the contact of infectious substances with medical staff through the gaps. Barrier, protection, and temperature penetration to prevent clinical medical staff from contacting potentially infectious blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. of patients during work.

Production of protective clothing


The seams of this medical protective clothing are treated with professional adhesive strips, which can effectively prevent viruses and bacteria from penetrating through the seams and meet the standard requirements of professional protection for medical staff. Generally speaking, all seams of disposable medical protective clothing are bonded by non-woven hot melt adhesive by ultrasonic wave, so that the protective clothing is seamless without pinholes, and the PP material is used to enhance the tensile strength of the protective clothing seams. , Completely eliminate air leakage, water leakage and bacteria leakage at the seams, and it is comfortable to wear.


The fabric of the protective clothing can block particles such as viruses. In the place of the suture, the virus may pass through the protective clothing point through the gap to block, causing the protection to fail. The protective clothing can be tightly sewed by sticking adhesive strips on the seams of the protective clothing, which can effectively prevent the entry of liquid and gas.

With the mass production of protective clothing, ordinary families can also buy this striped protective clothing and wear it in an emergency to protect the health of their families. Buying in bulk is more cost-effective.