Since the Ark: Survival Evolved released the new DLC Genesis Part 2, there have been new creatures and items for players to enjoy. will continue to provide you with cheap ARK Survival Evolved Items. Because of their attractiveness, players have returned to this game. But many people forget which character data is the most important for them to upgrade. The following is to introduce these to help you remember which data in Ark: Survival Evolved is the best. 

Crafting skills
Crafting skills allow one to craft items faster and grow their statistics, but when compared with other attributes you can choose, it's not worth it. There are few items it is possible to make at the start of the game, and also the making time will not belong.

If you be a member of the tribe plus they grant you the ultimate craftsman, this may be worth it, but otherwise, this is the skill you would like to avoid upgrading.

Oxygen will show you how long it is possible to hold your breath underwater and the way much you may move in it, but this isn't what you require until late in the overall game. Once you make it to the point of the place you need to loot deep-sea crates, you may use some sort of ship to cross the waters.

You could also tame some creatures to provide this advantage, or you can use the Tek suit, which does not need to prioritize this attribute.

Your survivors are humans and also have basic physiological needs, like needing water to thrive. It is painful if you find yourself dying of thirst, but you'll be able to easily avoided this by carrying a water bag that may get its mark early in the game.

You can select to add a skill form point here or there, however, if you have this item on your survivors before heading inland to seek out new creatures in Genesis Part 2, in most cases unnecessary.

You always need food, this is why it is a wise decision to upgrade this attribute slightly. It should not become your main focus, in case you find yourself constantly hungry, you may acquire some skill points to improve its number.

Remember, you may store cooked food on your person, or require a boat and equip a fresh-keeping box to make sure that your food is often fresh. It’s simple enough to make a campfire while on a trip. There are always plenty of berries from the bushes to aid you soon you find something more nutritious. 

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