Paper Forming manufacturers INTRODUCTION The Stone Press Roll/ Natural Granite Press Roll is an essential part of the paper machine for pressing and dewatering. It has a smooth surface, high hardness, high strength, and acid and alkali resistance. The surface of the granite roll is smooth. However, there are many tiny pores, and it has good air permeability, so wet paper falls off quickly, which is especially beneficial to the paper splicing operation. It is widely used in various paper machines. Stone Press Roll is used to quickly dewater paper at a paper machine's press section and improve the paper's physical properties. The roll body is made of natural marble, the shaft head is made of carbon steel, and the surface is polished. TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Specifications: diameter 300-1250mm, length 1-5 meters. Models: 787, 1092, 2880, 1575, 1600, 1760, 1880, 2100, 2362, 2400, 2640, 3150, 3600, 3800, 4500. Compressive strength>=98.07MPa; Hardness HV>300; Tensile strength >=5MPa; Elastic modulus >=0.4X1000000 kg/cm虏. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS 1) A simple linear structure that is easy to install and maintain. 2) Using advanced world-famous brand components in pneumatic, electric, and operation parts. 3) A high-pressure double crank controls the opening and closing of the die. 4) High automation and intellectualization, with no pollution. 5) Use a linker to connect with the air conveyor, which can be installed directly in front of the filling machine. PRECAUTIONS It is recommended to be stored indoors to avoid cracks on the roll surface caused by temperature changes in the open air, particularly in the cold zone. When loading the car, protect the roller surface from bumps and scratches. Because granite is a non-homogeneous material, it must be force-balanced during use to avoid vibration and tension. During use, the temperature rise of the bearings at both ends should not exceed 40 degrees to avoid a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the roller, which may cause cracks on the roller surface or cause the mandrel and the roller to loosen and affect the use, especially if the copper shaft or the roller is used. Shaft of Babbitt During pressurized use, the line pressure must not exceed 60KN/M (60Kgf/cm). A rotation arrow is marked on the end face of the granite press roll, which should not be reversed during installation.Paper Forming manufacturers website: