The races of Glienor are an odd type of folk, luckily they fall into two main categorys for our plucky RS gold adventurers, the good adn the evil.

The room turns out to be a magician of fighter warfare and entails the monkeys using a magical webway consturcted through an unamed figure to pop out of ardouge and ruin the \"menace\" Inform the gnomes of this and they will then inform you you can have the motor, but Tegim will accompany you on your travels.

The new boat is like a katameran (two hulled) and you get to the mysterious gliders. You must have range or mage equip as you're attacked by 5 level 108 Monkey gliders! You must kill all of them before they ruin the boat but they could only be attacked the range or mage! Regrettably the ship is stuck in the center of the ocean, so Tegim decides to use the gnome tracker apparatus. This starts a brief minigame where you must keep the lever at the green for 1minute by holding your house to allow it to go up and letting go to make it go down, the green region will go about with the differenet frequencies.

Once the signal was broadcast you are picked up from the gnome 12th as well as the newest 14th fleet, battle copters! You get returned into tree gnome village. After teleporting back to warn the Rs gold 2007 king you will find him instructing an attack on the icebergs into the north and then Archeron.