With the increasing price of recycled copper wire today, recycling and reselling scrap of this reddish metal could really be a potential business. As we all know, copper is one of the most widely used metals in many industries today. Not only is it very important to the automobile industry, copper is also important in creating home appliances and even kitchen utensils because it is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

Producing a gold out of your own or someone else's trash could not just be beneficial to you but to the environment as well. Recycling and reselling of scrap copper (wires, pipes etc) can give you extra income that you can use for some of your miscellaneous expenses. Aside from saving a lot of money in investing in copper mines, which only millionaires can do, recycling or reusing of copper is also an eco-friendly act because it reduces accumulation of such wastes.

There are several parts of your own home that could be a good source of scrap copper. If you decide to go search for scrap copper, then you can start on your kitchen. Some kitchen utensils like spoon, fork and anything of this sort are sometimes made of copper. If they are of no use, damaged, or you have been contemplating of throwing them away, why not make money out of them by selling them to junk shops? Also, you can make money from unused cooking pans that have copper material.

In the living room, you can try to check some of your old picture frames. Most of picture frames are made of copper, so as chandeliers and candle holders. Even televisions contain several types of copper. Maybe if these things would be of no use already, you can relinquish coppers out of them.

Your garage could also be a copper haven. Old cars would make a good scrap copper source so as old electrical wirings. Scrap copper wire could easily be taken out from your old electrical wirings and pipes using wire cutters and even just a sheer knife.

Also, business establishments especially those that are in line with these types of metals would also be a good scrap copper source flat wire. You, for sure, wouldn't have a hard time asking it from them. They will be more than happy to share some with you.

Despite the availability of copper everywhere, doing this type of job should be done with caution. Known to be a good source of scrap copper wire, electrical wires can also be a source of possible peril.