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When spending your next vacation in the United Arab Emirates, you should consider all aspects of a quality vacation so that you don't get distracted by the little things. First of all, it is impossible to imagine a modern person without access to the network, so experienced travelers consider all options for connecting to the Internet.

What mobile networks can be charged in the United Arab Emirates? There are two mobile operators in the country, Etisalat and DU. Buying a SIM card is not difficult. Tariffs were originally created for tourists. However, offers from Etisalat are considered more profitable.

The connection quality of both operators is high and stable. At the beginning of the tourist season, we enter a promotional period where you can purchase packages at great prices or pick them up for free at the airport.

Operators we work with in the United Arab Emirates – Etisalat and DU. The balances of these operators can be recharged on our website with the required amount in minutes.

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