Product title: Wire-and-tube condense:

The wire-and-tube condenser is used for larger refrigeration products with higher thermal performance requirements. Characteristics:

1) External hanging installation, and the air circulation around the product is great, which can ensure good cooling efficiency in limited space.

2) The flow and circulation of refrigerant are unobstructed, which can reduce the compressor load, save energy and prolong the service life.

I. Technical parameters

Raw materials

1. Condense tube: Coiling welded steel pipe 4.76-6.35* 0.5-0.71mm

2. Heat dissipation wire: Low-carbon steel wire 1.0-1.6mm

3. Bracket: Cold-rolled sheet T=0.6-2.0mm

4. Structural style: Steel wire and Bundy tube are welded

Product performance

1) The product is electrophoretic coating to meet the anti-corrosion demand during use;

2) The internal cleanliness can meet the requirements of CFC or R134a refrigeration system;

3) The product meets the heat dissipation performance requirements of the designed refrigerator and freezer.

II. Line standard in the R134a refrigeration system

1) Residual moisture ≤30mg/m2

2) Residual impurity ≤20mg/m2

3) Residual mineral oil ≤7mg/m2

4) Residual chlorine ion ≤3mg/m2

Note: The product can be customized according to the request of the customers with a variety of specifications is optional.

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Packing and Shipping

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