Have you been using Coinbase pro sometime in the past but then you stopped using it for some reason? In that case, there is a high chance that you might have forgotten your Pro.coinbase.com password. Well, in that case, regaining access to that particular account of yours can be done by resetting the password of your account. If you do not know how that process works, then you can follow the steps that are listed below. However, before you try out these steps make sure that you have access to the account verification options. 

For example, during the process, you will be asked to enter the details of your registered mobile number or email address, or both. On one of the fed details, Pro.coinbase.com will send you the verification code so that your identity can be verified and you will be allowed to allot a new password to your account. 

With that in light, let us now proceed with the steps to recover your Pro.coinbase.com account. 

Steps to be followed for account recovery 

Important note: As you know that Coinbase Pro is now available as a new tab in the Coinbase Trade tab, therefore you should not get confused if you are taken to the Advanced Trade tab of Coinbase while you were trying to access Coinbase Pro. 

  1. First of all, open the pro.coinbase.com website 
  2. Followed by this, you need to click on the "Sign In" button to get to the login page
  3. When you are on the sign in page, first enter your email address and click "Next" to proceed 
  4. On the landing page, you need to click on the option to reset your password 
  5. After that, enter a few details along with the verification code sent to you 
  6. Now, you will be allowed to set a new password for Coinbase Pro 

To conclusion:

In today's blog post, we have given you a brief idea of how you can recover your account on pro.coinbase.com. If you were also having the same query, I hope your query must have been resolved by now. For more information, you can navigate to the "help" section of Coinbase.