General problems and precautions in operation and maintenance:

The general problems and precautions in operation and maintenance can be divided into three aspects: excessive dust discharge, high specific speed of dust collector and short service life of filter bag. These three aspects are obviously related, and the brief introduction is as follows:

First, dust emission exceeds the standard

The basic cause of excessive dust emission

1, the function of cyclone bag surface of the initial layer is not enough

2, function of cyclone filter bag damage

3, the function of cyclone bag collocation is poor

They are described as follows:

1. The initial layer of the filter bag surface is not enough

In the operation of the dust collector, if the discharge exceeds the standard and the operating pressure of the dust collector is too low than the design, it is very likely that the initial dust on the surface of the filter bag is insufficient, which may be caused by the high filtering speed of the filter bag and the short cleaning cycle of the filter bag. The pressure of injection compressed air is too high, and the load of dust is reduced.

In the study shows that high filtration rate, dust removal rate will increase. Too high filtration gas speed will break the initial powder layer and cause excessive wear when dust fills the filter bag. If the frequency of cleaning the filter bag is too high, it is easy to pour the fabric of the filter bag loose, which will cause the discharge of the dust collector to exceed the standard.

When setting the pulse cleaning cycle of the dust collector, to ensure that the dust collector works under stable pressure, set the longest pulse cleaning cycle time is the best, pulse cleaning time to ensure that the initial dust does not fall off, set the shortest cleaning time is the best. If the initial dust layer is insufficient, it can be compensated by extending the cleaning cycle. If the differential pressure control is used, the stability of the inlet and outlet pressure setting of the precipitator can be improved.

If excessive dust collector discharge occurs only after cleaning the filter bag, it is only necessary to check whether the pressure of the compressed air pulsed cleaning is too high.

The reduction of dust load may come from the reduction of productivity, or the overhaul and adjustment of the control system of the dust collector. Solution: Light load can be used to slowly start lifting load or the method of pre-covering dust to solve.

2. Filter bag damage (wear, burn, corrosion)

The use of filter bag accounts for the largest maintenance cost of dust collector, the highest up to more than 70% of the maintenance cost, its basic situation is wear, burn, corrosion, etc.

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