The central machinery industrial dust collector uses the reverse blower as the dust cleaning power, with the cooperation of the off-line switch valve, spray into each filter bag by room, so that the filter bag from the normal filter "expansion" state, into the "shrinkage" state, so as to shake off the dust on the surface of the filter bag. This series of dust precipitator mainly adopts 5-10 meters of large cloth bag, which is mainly used for dealing with large air volume, small area requirements, dust and dust are relatively easy to peel from the surface of the bag dust removal places. Widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, machinery, building materials, cement, refractory materials, electric power, food processing, medicine, casting and industrial boiler and other industries of dust gas purification.

I. Working principle of central machinery industrial dust collector

The filter mechanism of bag dust collector is the result of a comprehensive effect, such as gravity, inertia force, collision, electrostatic adsorption, screening and so on. When the gas containing dust and dust enters the dust collector through the air inlet, the larger dust particles will settle directly due to the increase of cross-sectional area and the decrease of wind speed. Smaller soot and dust particles are blocked by the filter bag to stay on the surface of the filter bag. The purified gas through the filter bag is discharged by the induced draft fan through the air outlet. With the continuous filtration, the dust and dust on the surface of the filter bag accumulate more and more, and the resistance of the filter bag keeps rising. When the resistance of the equipment reaches a certain limit, the dust and dust accumulated on the surface of the filter bag should be removed in time. Under the action of external force (mainly pulse compressed gas, backblowing gas, mechanical vibration, etc.), shake and backblow the filter bag to remove the dust and dust attached to the surface of the filter bag, so that the filter bag regeneration, cycle, continuous filtration, to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.

Ii. Characteristics of central machinery industrial dust collector

1. The filter wind speed is generally 0.5-1m/min, and the filter bag has a long service life.

2, dust collector using 5-10 meters long bag, so that the unit filter area required to cover a small area.

3, suitable for large flow of smoke, dust treatment.

4. Low failure rate of equipment; Simple operation, easy maintenance, low cost.

5. Three states of dust removal with room stop air and reverse air flow, good dust removal effect;

central machinery industrial dust collector