smaller updates could be scattered through 2022 Animal Crossing Items designed to improve seasonal events, similar to Bunny Day and May Day in 2021. These updates could offer players new items to obtain during the events, as well as expanding 2.0 features like farming with small bursts of new content as a bonus.For those .

wanting to get a head start on island designs before the upcoming snowmelt in Animal Crossing, areas for gardens and certain decorations.

can be set up in advance. Players can plan out where they might want to set up flower patches using the fencing options available in New Horizons, or even begin stocking up on the 2.0 update Gyroid additions by collecting Gyroid Fragments while visiting islands with Kapp'n. The adorable, musical additions could be set up around flower gardens or outdoor patio areas to offer player-made songs, or even be used in place of flowers as an interesting change from LOLGA.COM flower gardens of past years.