Sets a timer over your aims head, following 1 minute that an quantity of RuneScape gold damage is caused which maxes at 20. This may be dispelled by the goal removing everything worn out and then replacing it. This spell may be cast more than once on a goal but resets the timer. Can stack with fate. Drains the power of the target and yields half of it to you. Maxs at 12. I hit an 11 on my competition, he loses 11% of his energy and that I gain 5/6%. The half is randomly determined.

The time that has since Zanik went into the box hasn't affected her. Her body might have no response, or she might undergo extreme aging, which could leave some nasty side affects. Well. . .how can we start the box? Combine a spear made from steel using a crystal, and then enchant it.

Do you think the elves would understand about aging impacts Zanik could get? Probably. . .we have two issues though. We can't contact the chest, due to my machine dividing, nor can we get in touch with an elf. Heh. . .don't stress, Oldak, I have an answer to both of your problems. Do you , Zachman3334? If so, I wish you good luck.

Now travel to Lletya, and talk with Arianwyn. Zachman3334, you couldn't have arrived at a better time. Oh? We have received word of the Red Axe attempting to get connected with the Mourners to take over Keldagrim! They'll just do it if they have their military to fight against us.

Cool it, Arianwyn. Both of these organizations are already on the case, and likely know what's happened already. For now, I need your help on something distinct. Oh. . .well, what's it? Perhaps you have heard of the Dorgesh-Kahn, or even a girl named Zanik from Dorgesh-Kahn? We have small scouts which make it back to Lletya anymore, but OSRS buy gold we have learned about her. She's been straightened in a few Strange Box that's time quitting properties.