The terms we selected I'm not sure whether they're the best. However, we're trying to capture the fundamentals of the Heroes of the Storm adventure buy WoTLK Gold.

The roster features figures from World of Warcraft , Starcraft, and World of Warcraft universes.

ZT: What made you choose to make Heroes of the Storm a separate game, in contrast to bringing it out as a custom-made map for Starcraft II?

Database: It was in 2010. We didn't have an extensive mod community in Starcraft but we did. The more we played with the game it was the better feedback that we got from various BlizzCon trips. We received feedback from our studio staff regarding how awesome the game it was, we became convinced that we should try to give it its own name. The game was kind of hidden in Starcraft was not doing justice to it. We'd been talking about it for a long time in the process of making it into smaller game, then rolling it up as mod. We started this in 2010. We were going to make this small game and make it available using our software so that it let our community know the power of our tools.

You can pick which abilities you want to unlock over other.

So we made this suggestion -- I recall the same meeting as a bunch of game directors here at Blizzard. They said, "Dude you've got to create a game of your own. Stop hiding it inside Starcraft. It's amazing. It's worthy of standing on its own two feet."

Like a noob, I was like "Oh I'm sure that's awesome.  I'll try it buy WoTLK Classic Gold," without really thinking about the implications it could mean for our lives and how much work we would be putting ourselves in.