Ark: Survival and Evolution Genesis Part 2 DLC One of the best-preserved secrets is the Net Gun. It is more robust than the Harpoon Launcher, but it's difficult to obtain this new weapon that's very well suited for tame. The easy method is to buy Cheap ARK Items from the website. You will need to spend a lot of time to have it, however, if you play the cards correctly, you may acquire it as soon as you possibly can.

How to acquire The Net Gun
You could add Net Gun to your inventory in two different ways. The first method requires some perseverance, exactly like you tame Noglin, while in the second method, you can get it earlier than expected. 

The net gun could be unlocked at level 43 by spending 104 Engram points, thus it may take a very long time before you reach this point. However, this certainly does enable you to makes a weapon as it's needed, this is worth the wait.

Loot boxes could be purchased through hexagons obtained by completing various tasks. The first step is usually to purchase a number of them, and then you can buy the second-tier loot boxes, each with 20,000 hexagons.

Some people believe that it is not worth investing expensive for simple weapons, but others begin to see the value of their ability. You will eventually encounter Net Gun, once you discover it, you don’t have to do anything apart from equipping it on your Hotbar and immediately begin using it on Maewing that you've been following.
What does it do?
Net Gun, also called Ascendant Net Gun, is a harpoon launcher but uses steroids. It can employ a net to knock down large creatures, for example, the new creatures added in Genesis Part 2, which makes it easy to tame these giant beasts.

A net will cover the entire Thunder Dragon and knock it down to the ground and remain fixed for some time. Players Love to buy ARK Dinosaurs. You can even make use of the fabricator to mend this weapon, which means you don't need it again.

The weapon data demonstrates it has toughness for 121, causing 255.6% of weapon damage. These are some incredible numbers that will explain why it becomes very important.