The role of nail drill

Nail Drill Bits need to be used with nail polish. It is mainly used to remove the gel on the manicure, which is convenient and quick to use, saves the work time of the manicurist and improves the work efficiency. The nail drill mold is mainly used for grinding, and the mold can be repaired to some subtle places. This nail drill has a wide range of applications. Can be used for electric grinders, engraving machines, motors, etc. At the same time, it can also be used for carving glass, jade, repairing abrasives and hard objects.

Fine grinding cylinder head: Wide range of use, suitable for all kinds of lengthening nails, natural price practice and nail surface polishing.

Fine grinding grain unloading nail drill bit: Various nail drill bit accessories can be disassembled, used on both sides of the special grinding head, and the disassembly is convenient and quick.

Fine Grinding Peeling Bits: Can be used to trim and remove dead skin around nails, polish the edges and insides of fingertips, and remove drills.

There are also many different nail drill bits, which are just tiny nail bits, but they function differently. Is it more cost-effective to wholesale in large quantities, and it is convenient and fast to use.
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