As per Blizzard, "New and returning players will be able to become familiar in the game prior to beginning to explore their faction's start zone content , like that of the Death Knight starting experience in Wrath of the Lich King. You don't need to be concerned about starting at square one buy WoTLK Gold, Blizzard promis"a level-appropriate set of equipment (along with other aids)" which will be revealed in the coming days.

If you're concerned about players reaching 90 without knowing what to do in their class (or perhaps it's been a long time since you last were a player), Blizzard says the most recent Proving Grounds features "help players learn how to heal, tank, and take on damage in dungeons in a 'teaching' solo environmentto ease your learning curve as well as help prepare players for battle as swiftly as efficiently, effectively, and fun as is possible."

5) What am I eligible for to meet the new level 100 cap?

Blizzard states "At each level from 91 to 100. players can gain a significant increase in one of their most important spells or abilities (e.g. an Fire Mage might earn a +50% damage boost for Pyroblast or a +30% boost in Scorch). The players will also be able to unlock an additional talent tier after they've reached level 100. giving each class three new powerful abilities to pick from.

6) What's the difference between the appearance that the character's have?

Check out the updated gnome design above however Blizzard states "We're still working on determining the races that will be available when the expansion launches, however, our aim is to bring up-to-date all eight of the initial World of Warcraft playable races together with Draenei and Blood Elves." Draenei as well as the Blood Elves during the time of the launch of the expansion and any subsequent content updates buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold."