Introduction of large metal sheet leveling machine

As the name suggests, large sheet metal levelers are used to level large sheet metal. They are usually used in factories and workshops that need to quickly and efficiently level large metal plates, as well as for shaping, press-fitting and shaping, punching and embossing of shaft and bushing parts and related parts.

Large sheet metal levelers usually have a large frame that can support the weight of the sheet metal. The frame is also equipped with leveling pads or rollers to help level the sheet. These machines also have a control panel that allows the operator to adjust the speed and direction of the machine.

Use of large sheet metal leveling machines

As the name suggests, large sheet metal levelers are used to level large sheet metal. They are mainly used in shipyards and steel mills. Large sheet metal levelers use hydraulic cylinders to push the leveling head against the sheet. The leveling head is fitted with rollers that rotate when in contact with the sheet. This action flattens the surface of the plate. Large sheet metal levelers are very efficient and can level a large number of sheets in a short period of time. They are also very accurate, which is very important when dealing with large sheet metal.

Features of large sheet metal leveling machine

Large metal plate leveling machine is mainly used for leveling various large metal plates. The main features of the machine are as follows:

The super large work surface can level a large number of metal sheets at one time.

Leveling heads level metal sheets from all directions.

The leveling roller can be adjusted up and down to make the metal plate evenly leveled.

The whole machine adopts PLC control, which is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation.

Recommended Large Sheet Metal Leveler

Large sheet metal leveling machine is a kind of equipment that can be used to process and level large sheet metal. It is mainly composed of frame, leveling head, tailstock, feeding system and control system. The leveling head is driven by one motor to rotate, and the tailstock is driven by another motor to move horizontally. The leveling process of the large metal plate is completed by two motors.

Large sheet metal leveler can be used to process various types of sheet metal, including aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, cold rolled sheet, hot rolled sheet, etc. The large metal sheet leveling machine can level the surface of the metal sheet well to meet the requirements of subsequent cutting, punching, welding and other processes.

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