To become a bookmaker, you need to understand several sports: the history of meetings, the alignment of forces, understand statistical indicators, know the rules of the game, and also know the theory of probability, have a higher mathematical education (preferably).

You need to be well versed in the field of betting, but even this does not guarantee getting into the ranks of a bookmaker - most often, people are hired by acquaintance and very rarely they hire a completely unknown bookmaker, even if he is a good bettor, for example.

The odds are determined taking into account the margin of the bookmaker - its earnings, regardless of the outcome of the confrontation. For example, the bookmaker has chosen a tennis confrontation and believes that the chances of winning one and the other team are 50/50.

But the bookmaker should set the odds not 2, but 1.9. That is, if one player makes a bet of 100,000 on the victory of the first player and another player bets the same amount on the victory of the second, then the office will receive a net profit of 10,000. This difference is called the margin. Due to competition, margins can range from 2.5% to 10%.

Some bookmakers work in the office, and some at home. On average, a bookmaker has more than 100 employees, but there are only a few dozen of them. Work is carried out in shifts of 8-10 hours. The bookmaker is trying to create all the conditions for the bookmaker to work comfortably. But it is strictly forbidden during the match to be distracted, answer calls and even go to the toilet. If they notice, a fine may be charged and there will be a serious conversation with the authorities.

Bookmakers are prohibited from making deals in their bookmaker and will not be particularly welcome if they bet in other offices. Live analysts are responsible for changing the odds in Live. Their task is to quickly respond to changes in the match, correcting the line. Now bookmakers use special software that independently sets and changes quotes. The analyst only needs to specify which coefficients to underestimate and which to increase.

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